Blank Screen

Silence haunts fearsome.
Whatsapp messages unanswered.
Pale, lanky ghosts rock.

An Emptiness

Ain’t got no feeling
Ain’t feel no longing,
Ain’t got no passion
Ain’t got no mission
Ain’t got no friend
Ain’t got no ground,
Ain’t got a song
Ain’t got a throng
Ain’t got any fire
Ain’t got any ire
Ain’t got a tear
Ain’t but a fear
Ain’t any move,
Ain’t a bit of love.

Office Groups

Pareto performance,

Eighty twenty ratio,

Minority performers struggle,

Do most work,

Networked non performers win,

Cry babies obtain booties,

They shout hoarse of heavy work,

Reluctant to share their undeserved spoils,

Wifi guilt inducing bonuses,

Flattery pays in hordes,

Colonization of spoils,

Imperialist centers of power ,

They do serve self needs,

The others endure misdeeds.

Revisiting my old home…

My old house, a home then,
In my mind memories flood
Of another year, sweet muse,
Weekends of short shrifts ,
Calves, cats and cups of tea,
Of untiring dicta by elders,
Of sly curiosities of young,
Of neighbors’ indifference
Fear of lanky, haughty, lenders,
Hoping death of debts,
Praying for pelf,
Yester grandeur,
Spurned, shy loves,
Rain water gushes,
Dreams in reams,
Barefoot realities,
Kindled thoughts,
All that I now recognize,
The tamarind tree,
Sadder than before,
On seeing me, a tear
Of compassion
Offering me renewed shade
Me, now a weary stranger
To my own house,
A tired traveler

A day’s thoughts

Listlessness on a Tuesday afternoon-
Worrying more about what could be,
Than about what is for the day done,
All my life is a worrisome, long,strife,
More of high pressured dread in blood,
About a probable recession, joblessness,
As still as life’s circle movement could,
Some steep climb, pause, breathlessness,
Towards a wearier mountain heated red,
Then that smile beaming eternity,
A return to the shadows of plains,
The meandering thought of nativity,
A return home to backwater rains,
To narrate to them ripples all my strains.