Rendezvous at the farm house

You, me and the ancient house,
Walls where we inscribed sketches,
With soot of embers of hidden dreams,
Carbonated curls stuck on every rafter,
Fresh breath of youth on every tree leaf,
Rain drenched soil running away so shy,
Chased by mischievous waters in a gush,
Meandering in weaves of hopes,
Twirls on twirls of suppressed feel,
Now to stare and declare in silence,
None to disturb this quietude,
Except a tremble, now a tremor,
Then a certain stillness within ,
Just you, me and this farm house.

Kuala Lampur

Ringed towers swaying sweat to spiral meet,
Affirmed powers teaching tall, loud to state,
Lights across dark skies in streaks so sudden,
Slanted rains dance to dusky drums from heaven,
Thundered celebrations sway on in repeat steps,
Migrant birds hurry with oft a cry heard in strain,
To their homes- which are, undried, drippng wet again,
Hibiscus in each dye a different, determined colour,
Envious orchids droop- coy now, covert cross a husky cover

Achtung, Gleis Drei

As my train of worry thought,
Comes to a screeching halt,
You stand on a platform,
Breezy hair a flutter storm,
Raindrops trickling through glass rim,
Touching scarf red at its brim,
Wet, shining, glistening heart,
Swinging moods tearing me apart,
Freezing alpine numbness,
Avalanches of unfelt tenderness.

Time Barred : Humility

As I realize that my pride has slipped,
Down the ravines of vanity dropped,
I look around in helplessness-
At achievement carcasses!
Strewn around me in defiance,
Reminding me of chance and mischance,
Of death, I had dictated yester year
Now beckons me and I shrink in fear,
Hollow roars of my forgotten brags-
Echoes of avenged ghosts now in rags,
Stare at bottomless abyss of despair,
I can look back at a muddy arrogant pyre,
Storms – of shrieks, of stills, of pangs
The futility- of frills, of frivolous, of fangs.

On Immortalizing

Strew them flowers on the streets,
Roll on them with enthused greets,
Draw her countenance on the hills,
Sculpt her on the waters in rare stills,
With every wave she will rise so high,
In silent dignity of tradition to the sky,
As every passer bye watches in awe.
Sketch her on every wall now in love
Graffiti in abstract bright and dull
Under every bridge an artists’ mall
Which connects my worlds so sooner
On every sail of an adrift schooner
Scream to every wind and wave…
It is only her and I can only strive.