Clawing back…

Silence, unheard song.
Whispers of winds: brewing stormy night.
Fleeing emptiness.


Oman in Summer

The greens retreat : decrepit , retired,
Shrunk in size by the relentless sun,
The sea alone withstands his hauteur,
Waves rummage through beads,
Cleansing the feet of sauna sands,
Tired trudging foot paths , now bare,
Of hidden shells and snails, awaiting dusk,
Molten rocks ignited by heat on yonder hills,
Brittle brown plates of treat,
Human shadows shrivel at noon,
Mirages rise up from sands,
Arthritic bones challenge the blaze.
One more pair of footsteps on the sand-
Of the energizer’s fiery time.

Eine Erfahrung

I was a complexed stranger at Darmstadt railway station.
Did not know where to/ whom to turn.
Wanted to travel to Bad Wimpfen.
Also wanted to see Heidelberg.
Did not know much of German.
Could not understand maps well.
Sighted her, some stranger on the platform for help to board.
She looked kinder than other sterner looking, taciturn, Teutons.
She took the day off and became my guide to Heidelberg;
showed me the University town ;
a visit to the University bar;
up the steps to the Schloss;
gifted me a tourist book;
escorted me back to the Railway platform;
placed me on board the slow train.

I may have forgotten her name at Frankfurt hauptbahnoff.Ingratitude.
Nay, I have an autograph of Frau Gimpfel in the blank pages of my mind.
I recall her face. Smiling at me. Trying to help a lost soul.
How do I repay?
I wait at all railway stations for someone to ask me directions.


You refuse :
To acknowledge me.
Revel in ignoring my calls,
Cause me acute pain,
Un-responded entreaties,
Un-deciphered text messages,
Un- encrypted dote codes,
Dodge incessant notes,
Evade my shadowed pleas,
Night comes early to my dusk,
Winds peter to a whirlpool,
Of thoughts at sunset,
Of unrequited adoration.
I persist. Cannot give up.


We were what we were,
We are what we are ,
We will be what we ought to be.

We worried yesday about today,
We worry today about morrow,
We shall worry morrow about yesday.

I fret about you,
You fret about me,
We fret about us.

This absurdity of futility.
Break our head on the wall.
Roll up the boulder so tall
In Sisyphean laughter call.

Does it all matter at all?