The Tigress’ Eyes

Black, silent forest: an un-trudged footpath,
Cautioned, dread of the tigress on a warpath,
Me, an asylum seeker, attracted like a moth,
To fire, lit futile seeking to scare a behemoth,
In this abstemious, copious land of her birth
Which she guards in zealous faith
Me: she sees a trespasser to her hearth
An immigrant, fearful in every breath,
I see her like, am awed of death,
She prances, pugs in pendulum, anger froth,
In her camouflaged splendor, emitting stealth
Hear her silent roar echoing off every tree on growth,
I freeze in fright: fiery, furious, gaze so close at length,
She relents: now compassion in those eyes; she lets me pass forth.


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