Accra Street

Sellers of risk at every crossroad,
Long loaves of bread undated,
Unkempt pavements un-turned,
Busted shades of hope laid bare,
Kaput power, long cut not so rare,
Feline eyes adjust into this night,
Pierce this lanky impoverishment,
Hear cars shriek, stuck horns bleat,
On them the weight of yester dust
Resigned to this ignored,tired fate,
Tattered , yet unhurt, undeterred,
Dreams interred, slowly stirred,
The yeoman wait,
To cross the street’s fate.

3 thoughts on “Accra Street

  1. There are some really awesome lines in this poem: “Long loaves of bread undated,” and “Busted shades of hope laid bare.” Beautiful idea as well, to encompass the entirety of fate in the crossing of a street. District, pulsing imagery.

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