Autumn’s Admirer

As I seek you,
A meek follower,
An ardent admirer,
Of your change of color,
As you tempt me quite a bit,
with your beauteous discard,
Hide horizon now crimson, now red,
My eyes all awed by hues  splendid,
Wait for the wind, the flutter, the waft,
My thoughts have in expectation  dropped,
Like your  leaves coy and demure,
Wait for that bare in splendour.


The Road made shorter by nature

When I set out it looked like it would rain heavy.  There were them clouds that seemed to reflect my fears.



With apprehensions gnawing , I relaxed a bit by staring out. Then came them


trees who teach me the biggest lesson of my life : the most beautiful moments  in one’s life  are just ere you pass away to fall on to Mother Earth.

My friend’s home

Suvarna in darkness

Me deserted by my friend.
His house once a home, now locked.
Shadows though not even a street light,
The walls may have some memories,
Of who hesitated to enter , now barricaded,
The dust on the grills have rusts, of who dared enter,
Searched responseless for a friend, and withdrew,
Told, he a migrant now.
Toiling hard, fortune seeker,
Even in the searing heat of noon,
Must be feeling cold in sweat,
Seeking out to live a life of grandeur,
But here is where we laughed rich and loud,
We now just live our lives so quiet.

Waiting for you by the window…

Room with a View

As you hurry to leave for your office,
I am weighed with short parting’s sorrow and sighs,
My heart is a room so cold and damp,
The heater though stacked like books,
On time’s rusty library is now cobwebbed,
The hope of your return, keeps me glowing warm,
I stare out through these blinds my window,
Of fond anicipation, seek to wait , bide my time,
Count countless cars flip past,
Hear the threats of time’s treads,
Sense the fog of my thoughts rise,
See hooded students cowering like me, from solitude,
Running into the future with expectations,
Your return is all that I wait for.