This blog is my creative space to jot down a little poetry, write a few short stories, analyse environmental, economic and financial issues , give perspectives, look to futuristic scenarios……..

I am an economist at work and a poet at heart…I have a few stories to narrate…


26 thoughts on “About

  1. “an economist at work and a poet at heart”
    this is wonderful! Reminds me of Wallace Stevens… he wrote poetry in the car on his way to meetings. Sometime you can explain the economy to me (I am pretty good understanding poetry, though).

  2. Poetry, you have it inside of you. Great to read about my brother. Ya me too think the same way; Joy, my brother You could have waited. Best, Jayaramji…..Johny Thomas K

    Hello Friend!
    I respect and admire your unique expressions; I find your work very insightful, intriguing and informative. Thereby, I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award

    If you wish to accept it, these are the three rules you have to abide
    – Post a thank you and link to my site
    – Answer these questions
    Favorite colors?
    Favorite animal?
    Favorite number?
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    Favorite flower?
    – Nominate ten(10) other bloggers you admire,
    Then, enjoy the award on your blog

    Thank you for all that you have to share
    Much love Usman

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