The Father’s Sorrow- Dhrithrashtra

Me, a father lost in filial love, so normal,
Power, trove , land all are in every sense so real,
Kin’s descendants are best banished by kings all,
Into dark, waxed walls domiciled, spirits ever enthrall
Me blinded by self centredness,
Encouraged aggressive rootlessness,
Fratricide; deaf to their pleas,
Ignored mediator even on lease,’
Tonight as I feel, step on myriad corpses strewn,
Kids and dreams interspersed on abandoned fields as one,
No juvenile is now saved for the battle future,
Fled lances, hurt my feet, no needle to wound suture,
I search for a son to lead me, sit by my side,
Hold me, light my pyre in whose flames I shall hide.


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