Autumn’s Admirer

As I seek you,
A meek follower,
An ardent admirer,
Of your change of color,
As you tempt me quite a bit,
with your beauteous discard,
Hide horizon now crimson, now red,
My eyes all awed by hues  splendid,
Wait for the wind, the flutter, the waft,
My thoughts have in expectation  dropped,
Like your  leaves coy and demure,
Wait for that bare in splendour.



4 thoughts on “Autumn’s Admirer

  1. I’m usually listening to music when I write…I think images and music have a more nature ways of whispers for me to hear…I seem to see more in a photo when music is playing, not sure why….
    You are very welcome…I enjoyed your subtle…words that have so many ways to look at your thoughts …
    ( and thank you for stopping by…I appreciate the very kind energy you left for me ..).
    Take Care…You Matter…

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