The Sounds of Rain

Waterrain flow

I hear the winds menacingly waft ,

The threat , asking all before to retreat,

Chasing me in an adrift,  inward slant,

Munificence of victor –  a time grant,

Ere the spatter of a deceptive  driblet,

Then the wave, the storm, all so wet,

Drums on tiles, the moss in red swept,

The patio cleansed in some part, some slot,

The leaves rollick , rock in a watery joyous ride,

The rhymes and the rhetoric of a rivulet,

The foliage holds, cannot sustain, has to let,

It can no longer hold.  It is now a splash resonant,

It falls with a thud onto the ground now awed,

The ricochet   does for sometime reverberate.

The sounds rebound on me afterwards to  reflect


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