I am a Slow Learner

As you talk all around the dinner table,
I cannot comprehend that which you elucidate.
I cannot understand , they are all disjointed syllables.
I listen, I sincerely strive to know. It is all hollow.
I yearn to be on your level field. I aspire empty.
Now helpless, I look down at the disarray of my thought.
I pretend to eat but deep within, I really want to cry.
I cannot, because I am a man though a child in your eyes.
As you laugh, I smile in instinct to preserve to earn approval.
I am standing at the base of the flue , of the chimney.
I desire to be you. I know I cannot be you.
I am just me.
Me and my rage.
All that I see is the hope in your eye.


5 thoughts on “I am a Slow Learner

    1. Indeed i feel like a child looking up through the chimney, seeing clouds pass and hear the flue wind bang against chimney walls and then escape…

  1. So lovely! Throughly enjoyed reading it….>Is it your Dad,…the person you admire & ‘desire to be ‘?? ?>>.Thanks.. 🙂 🙂

  2. So lovely!Thoroughly enjoyed reading iT….>Is it your dear Dad ,..the person you admire& ‘desire to be’? >> Thanks…:)

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