Hope lives eternally…

Kerala Backwaters View
Kerala Backwaters View (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I sit  by these backwaters, in expectation,

Dip my hand in the coolness of brackish blue and moss green,

Small fish nibble at my toes in affectionate tickle,

Houseboats glide past waving their oars at me,

The pearl spot  fish  eye me shy, each afternoon,

Evening hours,  I sit here under the neighbor’s coconut tree,

Round the mud mound and caving bend, the four o clock boat surfs slow

As I struggle to inter- lock coconut leaves into an orb,

A substitute for my lost tennis ball,

Which my angry friend threw in a fit,

Over the wall of dried, shriveled  coconut husks,

It rolled into the water, skidded, sadly drifted away,

Mom said I might get a new one, with Dad’s next salary.

Earlier,  I  hoped  for my tennis ball  to float back,

Now, I wait for my friend to  return.

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