On Eating Alone

Eating Alone [Explored]
Eating Alone [Explored] (Photo credit: pennuja)
I sit at this long , lonely dining table,
Spread of feast  of dishes deceivable,

Green, wet, banana leaf in colors, splashes,
Your favorite pickle, spicy flashes,

I turn away to  stare at the ashen  floor-
its ginger and – lime red in oil and more,

Think of you;  cannot eat.

Recall  that  you abetted,   as we bunked,
Bicycled , hid, roamed, ‘berserked’, flunked,

We strayed, tired, dreamt, hungered together,
Told mom sympathy tales; sought food and cover,

Ate in ‘schemed’, swallowed, quietude,
Bonded  as we pretended, hurried.

Tonight, as I sit alone,
Its all memories in stone,

Rice, curry, fish and lime.
My thoughts wish sublime.

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