River Ganges

As you unlock yourself from the Himalayas,

Hurling boulders as they gurgle along side you,

Reformat  this ancient, harrowed , civil terrain,

I stand by your  decrepit  bank in fear and awe,

Touch your cold water to soothe my torments

Wash my sins, drench my dilapidated emotions,

Watch the decrepit dirt  slip away in the splash of your colours

I think of my ramshackle  past, then,  snap the tenuous thread

Death of thought, of reflect, of felt, of sensate, of disgust,

Birth of light, of detach, of spirit, so indifferent, of calm,

A thousand lamps lit along you in hurried,  hazy  hues

Each one a tear drop of time,  your biographer,

Me lost save in your arms , so welcome  icy cold,

You drench with your countless drops, chill my fire within.


6 thoughts on “River Ganges

  1. I bathed in the icy cold waters of the Ganges and lost one of my flip-flops. And then, 400 m further down the flip-flop came floating back to me. The holy waters had given me back what I had lost…I treasure those flip-flops with great respect…and they are still with me where ever I live.

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