A Security Guard’s Story

I am a security guard at the Debit and Credit Bank.
I earn a decent , minimal salary in these times of recession.
My monthly pay packet is fair enough to take home after tax deductions.
I pay taxes so that the bank where I work can be sustained through Government funding.
I am told that as a taxpayer I own quite a substantial number of shares in this DC Bank.
So I sit through the night and guard the bank which I own as a taxpayer. I guard so that external brigands do not plunder.
Everyday, I watch in awe as these blue suited, dignified looking, learned but taciturn bankers move out in hordes in the evenings.
I stay behind television screens and read newspapers ( I read as I am lonely in the darker hours of night as I struggle to keep awake)… read that my bank is paying its investment bankers $ 250 million as bonuses…It is about performance related pay… (PRP)
It is paying $ 400 million as fines for rigging the ‘Libor’…
It is creating a reserve of $ 1 billion to protect the bank from mis-sellings in insurance and swaps… ( I do not understand these words…so these might be very technical terms to understand and implement… that is why these bonuses are paid) ; banks are ambiguous; banks are complex.. they mis- sell; I mis-read!.


9 thoughts on “A Security Guard’s Story

  1. Sadly, you didn’t mis-read, nor did they mis-sell…. I wonder what would happen if, in the morning, you refused to let them in, as they could too easily be construed as thieves… and it’s your job to protect the money from thieves, right? Worth a shot, maybe… but, not, I suppose, if you wish to continue to receive the “fair” sized take-home check…. 🙂 Well done….

  2. I am content with my fair sized paycheck that the execs could spend on one lunch. I must also be too thick-headed and obviously do not understand what they do while sitting in that office, or private jet, or villa in Tuscany that is worth so much more than what I do

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