Democratization of the writer and of writing. . .

The Poem
The Poem (Photo credit: Zavarykin Sergey)

Few wrote earlier.
Fewer published.
The elite read.
The miniscule number published.
We had to visit libraries to borrow books.
WordPress changed all that …
All of us write now. Or at least most of us blog…
We read each other’s writings.
There are several million blogging on a daily basis reading or writing.
We comment on what another writes.
We appreciate what the other person writes.
We encourage each other to write better.
We try not to criticise in mean manner.
We listen to the other voice.
We are multitudes; we are global…
We never knew each other until we met here.
We encourage each other and raise the bar subtly.
Raise Expectations … authors attempt to reach these expectation stars.
It is no more a feudalistic few privileged who are men of letters but several millions talking in a babble that each one of us listen to and try to comprehend… (at least we think we comprehend).
We make leaders of blog writers… we follow them…and leaders become servant leaders who follow followers…Gandhi called for servant leaders for democracy to succeed…
We are not ethnocentric. We are several nationalities and several cultures.
I call this the Democracy of the WordPress Mosaic…
May be we are all vain …
But more so I think we are what Thomas Grey wrote: ” full many a flower is born to blush unseen and lose its fragrance in the desert air…
WP gave us an opportunity to blush seen , not to be lost in the searing heat of the desert of life…
WP is what I see as proletariat power writing in force as Marx would have said…or the advancement of the plebians as Romans would have said…
And all of us write so ‘pressingly’ as Keynes would have wanted it here and now for in the long run we are dead!!!

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