An Author’s nagging doubts…

Can I deliver excellence?
Can I manage the change I need to imbibe, to absorb?
Is there a unique value proposition in what I write?
Am I focussed in what I scribble?
Is there credibility in my writings?
Am I congruent with my readers?
Am I intellectually a stimulant
Have I updated my competencies?
Can I just engage my reader?


6 thoughts on “An Author’s nagging doubts…

  1. My friend, let the writing write itself! Let go of these questions. If they occur then let them occur, just don’t make them privileged guests in your house of being.

    Looking at our existence from the frame of eternity who cares. Alexander conquered just about everything he set out to conquer. And my three children do not know who he is nor do they care. Put differently, lets not be so damn significant!

    With my love

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