Author’s dilemma…

As I sit hunched over my laptop,
reams of drafts to choose from,
writ over several years,
some wasted breath,
some inacrnations of death,
some agonizingly, hopefully, alive,
I cling on, desperate,
shuttling between deletion and life,
deboarding trams midway, hesitant, lost,
scouring now, scurrying now, reviving now,
driftng , rudderless, unknown, compass stuck,
Rehabiltating all I can.
All I know is:
I have to write to move onward.
I am at the gates to the serene woods.
I can hear my soft knocks on creativity’s heart.


3 thoughts on “Author’s dilemma…

  1. I love everything about this.

    Isn’t it funny how you can write lots of things and somehow, over time, you almost forget that you had ever created them! I’m glad you continue to write and reflect on what you’ve previously created. 🙂

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