A banker: between education and instinct

My boss went to Harvard for an executive development programme. for maybe a month and a half. On return, he would make it a point to drive home that he was now well trained and even better equipped to enhance efficiency in the bank. He informed us that Harvard stood above rankings- in other words, he had no peers for efficiency. In about seventeen meetings which he convened over the next two months , he would discreetly speak about his Harvard approach to the management as dynamic solutions to extant problems.

In several of these meetings, his pet theme was the need to bring down the ratio of bad loans at the bank : the non performing loans(NPL). During one such occasion, there was a’ Harvard driven’ harangue addressed to me specifically (my region had a high percentage of bad loans) to improve performance ; other peers enjoyed the public upbraid with amusement. He suggested that I needed to be effective; and gave me a target for a reduced ratio of non performing loans over a short time frame. He said my annual appraisal would depend on my KPI of reducing bad loans. There sounded to be a threat in his tone.

As I came back to my office, with the complex of a relatively(or vastly) incompetent man (who had not been trained in Boston) …there was this frail small man, Antony waiting for me. He was one of my borrower defaulters on whom I had served notice as a part of my recovery efforts at bringing down the ratio of non performing loans… (I had anticipated the boss’ harangue and was sincerely trying to bring NPL down to manageable levels). Antony stood hesitantly outside my cabin… “my son is unemployed, and i have a family to support , Sir, please do not press this legal notice. Please do not destroy my small family. I shall pay at the earliest.” There was a tremor in his voice that reached my heartbeats. Antony had borrowed quite a sum beyond repayable means to educate his kids at the University and to treat a sick spouse. i had given him long months of grace, rescheduled the loan several times. over … now it was approaching the statute of limitation and i had to proceed… i knew that he did not have the means to pay…

Did my boss have a strategic, dynamic solution taught at his University?


5 thoughts on “A banker: between education and instinct

  1. The need for “uneducating” in our society is at a crisis point. How ironic that your client borrowed the money to educate his children in the same dysfunctional educational system. I am not sure what the answer is other than what you are doing in seeing it from the Heart rather than the head..
    Thanks for sharing this sad story about a very complex problem.

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