Troy, Bye


Must take leave of you.
The city state of Uncle Sam.
Beautiful Hudson , girders undone,
Bridges on one ways, now redone,
Darker humid sweaty clouds.
Driblets of storm warning.
Yielding diner home beyond a Walmart.
Unyielding ticket on Congress avenue.
A friendlier Court of Justice, awed.
A downtown so ebullient, a buffet.
I 90 CDTA must leave in morrow’s sorrow.
Lone ferry from Albany to Latham Farm
and RPI.
Miss the walk from Sage to College avenue
Past ancient wood villas now sudent dorms,
Past a busy student Union replete with Dutch wisdom,
By a SEFCU branch steps on runaways of Londoner bank years,
There is life here. I really cannot but go
But I must reluctantly, go.


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