In Helplessness

Why my friend did you target me?
All i did was buy a ticket,
on a theatre drama midnight,
to spend a few moments of happiness,
but in your cerebral imbalance,
you targeted me in stealth loss,
impervious to my kindness,
you arraigned against my helplessnes,
let loose a string of armoury flashes,
a volley of abused weapons,litters,
i watched in helplessnes,
nonreactive to your hatred,
not knowing why this fusillade?
of bitterness,
as i fall on to this floor,
all i can think of is why , why did you do this to me,
so love borne, so nonviolent, so affectionate,
all i wanted was to hear your greatness.
But before i heard all , you destroyed me.
Thereby , you destroyed yourself.
Together, may we now grieve?


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