Where are you?

Prologue: I searched every engine, every blog ,
Missed your name, resume, log,
Have memory relics; I wait for epilogue.


5 thoughts on “Where are you?

  1. I was a little thrown off by the haiku format – you did 7-5-7 using word count, not syllables. Interesting and unique!
    And what subtle feelings I receive from this, nicely written.

    1. Bluesander: May be I am a bit lazy to confine to syllables; may be I am a trifling vain trying to move towards word; may be I am able to express all only by stretching a bit; may be I need to really rework: i assure you I shall try my best….

      1. No, no, don’t! I like it. It’s a different way of looking at the haiku. The whole syllable thing is not fixed in the first place as Japanese usually always translate the same way into English.
        It’s unique and your poetry is nice as is. 🙂

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