I cannot paint…

Therefore, I draw you on them cumulative clouds,
Canvas spread all over the skies lifting shrouds,
Silhouette, light dark, now streak fair, dusk crimson,
Beyond the darker seas and the bloodier horizon,
Tress curls loosened, like arrows hurtling all over,
In nimbus steps, you nonchalant, you conqueror,
Of my heart, together with its pain of heaviness,
Obsessed with your coy, pretentious bashfulness,
Looking to immortalize you etched in my memory,
Irretrievably stacked, rare, invaluable, love armoury,
Intensity of priceless pigments in pining,
Your ambiguous expressionism
My inability at any impressionism
I stand and lament that I cannot paint you.


18 thoughts on “I cannot paint…

  1. art within strokes of a button in cyberspace
    beautiful …
    our imagination fills in the colors…

    Thank you for sharing…


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