The Elephant Paean

You, icon of intellectual brilliance,
Wrote your first alphabets in innocence,
With your tusk on the mountain bulwark,
Rubbed imposing forehead with vermilion mark,
Flaming gold mud showered all over your back,
Encroached , moved in heat, saw herd pack,
Matriarchal group habitat in threat, a retreat,
Hannibalian warrior now in eco- defeat,
Hides deep, detached, wrestled male misfit,
The solo rogue slogs with logs in river, repeat,
Aged matriarchs sway their ears flap to relate,
Trunk rested on little tusk as water trudge acute,
They wait to spirit away the departed,
Drought to abate then trunk call, the trumpet.

You know your strength, you decide not to humiliate,
Greatest victories are when you lose deliberate.


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