Suitor for the not beautiful

Each potential groom seeks the gorgeous,
The pretty, the lovely, the sensuous.
She is only a sincere aspirant to beauty,
Hides not far away from the genre of the ugly.
The beauty parlours do not seem much help,
Cosmetic managers and adverts are out of step.
For her, every man a vain charmer,
With furtive look an invitation , a stare,
Not a word a ray, a straw; each an obsessed self,
All that they seek are looks, passion and pelf,
That which she cannot subsidise,
She is the harbinger of nothingness,
Her search sorrows are no commendations,,
Her longings are no recommendations,
Her miseries are wrinkled commiserations.
She is the silent, enduring majority-
Beauty at heart;, love is at a discount to parity.


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