Muttrah Souk of Oman

Scented vapours rise from the still ripples of the Sea,
Cruise ships look docked to mountain folds,
Portuguese watch towers reflect on bygone trades
Of Asian spices and Dhofari frankincense,
Now Teutonic visitors seek bargains,
In dark, multiple alleys well lit with perfume oils,
Greeted by tall traders with multi-coloured Kummas
Supportive, short, stout sub-agents left behind by inscriptions,
Soft, friendly, subdued summons to each stall,
Non- combative, defensive, with haggling tourists,
Guest inexperience at bargaining resonates timber roof,
Visitors seek to draw historic daggers,
Count coins on cased silver metallic khanjars ,
Ceremonial waistbands to flowing dishdasha ,
Arabic coffee pots with hospitable spouts,
Blushing muslin headscarves seek fair cover ,
Stale muskets sought by nostalgic veterans,
Bravado relic of warrior yester years,
History lives here.

Dhofar is one of the provinces of Oman
Kummas are headgear of Omani nationals
Khanjars are Omani daggers worn by nationals at ceremonial functions
Dishdashas are flowing , white robes of Omani nationals.


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