Grand Father Story

Despite the debtor, he had a chair,
A knit white clean cloth in tatter ,
Me on the ground beside his breath.

He told me of famine, war
The sly brains of the fair
Civilzations had seldom learned.

He held my hands for long
Told me to do no wrong.
He said that things would change

We prayed that I studied hard
That lands would not be dry and cracked.
As Mother lighted the little lamp.

Early dawn , he would wake up daylight
Bring up the Sun with his daily chant
Show me how to bring morn with a hope and smile.

He said that the trees, moon and rain
Were all nature’s children
All friends , except the dark, lanky money lender.

The day backwater canoes called me midway back
The school sky had a dark streak,
My villagers brought down the tree for wood.

Since he does not any more,
I tell stories.


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