For One in Troy

In stress, I clung on to your pony- tails,
Your trademarked panda bag rebellious
You led me to your world of righteousness
Taught me what you learned and fairness.

As we trudged tired Dadar
Yearning for pride and a car
We celebrated those salary gifts
Month end bonding treats
Fat Monginis cakes so consoling
Oozing Cadbury bites so inducing .

You scribbled on my heart, with crayons I now miss,
We then saw on the horizon shy, arched rainbow hues
Welcomed the splash of rain that under the tree delayed us
Bought roses for Amma at the corner at wet discounts.

On Sundays

Boarded buses after endless queues
Through remorseless traffic jams
Amidst slow, monsoon overflows
Clawing way through our dreams

Waited so patiently for irregular hand outs
Stole aimless drifts on wavy afternoons
To Chembur or Chinese Churchgate
Past doublecola depictions hanging out in disjoint

We prayed for success to Every God
You made me pay while you offered the Gods bribes.

All I know is we still dream together.


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