Mumbai –Cuffe Parade

Gleaming, glassed towers so busty
Drooping high, ecstasied,traded shy
Architectured lashes of success toppers
Crimson tied bankers and bonus whoppers.

Those fishing nets in boats were for a moment
In a flash, I saw concrete boulders crush and grate
Masons cemented, trampled in reinforced might
Unbuilt, unplanked, wood floated, drifted and brute

My Koli woman, I now see you and your endurance.
On your silent screams of despair of woes
I hear chants of charity through the waves
I listen to the euology of the modernisers
The hypocrisy of the reclaimers, I still think of you.

Cuffe Parade, amidst your ageing cosmetics is an unsheltered dweller.


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