Mumbai- Chembur- Harbour Line Station

Fast trains screech to slow, steely electric rhymes
Unrequited commuters mentally hurry for homes
Even as they set off to office playing their card teams
Hum melancholy tunes of yesteryears with silky thoughts
Audible to none amidst a million gossip tale whispers
Have a quickie tea from the glass cased khakied, aluminum kettles,
Hurry past innate, squared strolleys strewed on platforms,
Cracked mirrors show bins of human forms, pushing past norms
Jumping on to steps scared by smokey coughs of cowardly toughs,
Stenos hurry: lips cracked by gloss, run to ladies compartments
Young men at sixty, staring stealthy; bite with lust, dark with taint
They miss as they gaze: rustles of biased newspapers’ scrip indexed readers,
Cement benches bustle with unknown stock market fears
In the crackle of symphonic silence, I sit at the edge – continue my search
Wait for her, my motivator.


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