Loitering around Frankfurt

Taunus Park

The Taunus addicts trailed me to Hauptwache,
A morbid lot spread , still awake.
Glass syringes, spattered on cold steps,
Taunus’ damp, dried, faint blood mops.


On Gleis Drei, in the S-Bahn,
I met the old, kind warrior man,
We spoke of the war, the desert
The emptiness of might and hate

Haupt Bahnoff

At the bahnoff, I bought a lotto
The lady vendor was for my luck in toto
The number was away a quarter to say
She said I would win another day.


Quiet and dustless windows,
Hesse’s tall Kastonian trees,
Bold, fair pigeons atop chimneys
Different from those on home alleys
Across are the occupiers’ building
Unkempt largesse in Achtung


The neon lamps are all red,
Their flickers are now tired,
German dreams here are nude
The escapist shows are not rude


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