The Recession

On Wall Street floors, the brave
De-ride the real market wave,
The tired scrips are overbought
Of unsold fatigues unquenched
Future gold bits dust inflated
Deep Asian scars in bullish heart.

Insomnia- awakened¬, EU unleashed,
Among the shares a quietude,
Fettered munificence, rebelled street
Blocked- pessimistically bear resigned,
Hopes and fears on figures released,
Spartan Greek budgets and Roman targets.

Brokers stay Bunds and bond indebted,
In bank books’ traded but red and barrened,
Suited, unkempt Bloomberged,
The studious, Reuters unlearned
Monetarist and columnist are all un-prophecied.

Fed analysis undone by the learned,
For here in this grand land,
Fear treads in technical cycle.
The bull says it is a lull,
Ere it locks horns again,
In torrent for the terrain.


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